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Leaking Tap Repairs in Sydney

Are you struggling with a dripping or leaking tap?

Leaking taps are one of the most common plumbing problems. We are well-experienced in repairing leaking tapany type of broken tap including bathrooms taps, kitchens taps, outdoor taps and commercial taps. Our emergency plumber Sydney service is available on a 24/7 basis so that we can help our customers even in the event of a plumbing emergency situation. 

We know how to fix a tap. Call 0449 540 900 for experts in fixing leaking tap and general tap repairs and replacements of all Australia’s leading brands.

We pride ourselves on our fast services no matter the time or day because we have a team of licensed plumbers and technicians ready to come to your property. 

Many plumbers provide tap repair services, however certain professionals lack the experience to effectively solve your problem on the spot and have to return a second time. All our Sydney plumbers arrive with a fully equipped van and all tools required to provide the repair service required. 


If you live in Sydney, Call 0449 540 900

Different types of taps

They are many different types of taps available such as compression taps, washer less taps, ball taps, disc taps and cartridge taps. For instance, in the case of ball tap, a plumber would know that the problem might be due to worn out valve seats, a loose adjusting ring or a failed washable cam. On the other hand, when repairing a disc tap, the plumber’s first attention would be on the o-rings. 

Notably, a leaking tap is mostly due to damage to specific parts in the faucet. Our team comes in handy to detect that specific part- damage and do repairs accordingly. Worth- mentioning is with regard to compression faucet repair. This type of faucet is made of a lot of parts and thus proves hard to detect the exact parts that need repair. A professional plumber is, however, skilled in the repairs of such faucet and can effectively carry out the repairs.

Hiring us will also give you peace of mind so to concentrate on other things. More so, our vast experience in leaking tap and blocked drain Sydney repair is a guarantee that our customers will always be satisfied with our work.

We deal in the repair of faucets in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor and utility areas. Our services are available on a 24/7 basis thus are ideal even for emergency services. We pride of prompt services no matter the time because we have adequate staff.

When you notice signs of a damaged pipe, we highly recommend contacting a professional plumbing service, such as APlumber Sydney. Once a plumber is notified, we suggest you ensure to switch off the water from the main supply.

We are well-experienced in the repair of pipes and have a vast knowledge of state-of-the-art water pipes for installation. We provide our customers with several options and ensure our customers are selecting among the best pipes currently available in the market. We use copper, CPVC and PEX pipes.

Why is it important to have an expert repair your tap?

Taps form an integral part of any water system in your home or business property. When the taps are damaged, the water flow is affected meaning that your water usage could drastically increase. Remember that a small tap leakage can cause the wastage of considerable amounts of water leading to a significant increase in your water bill.

Whereas you may choose to do the repairs yourself, we highly recommend hiring a licensed plumber. To start with, only professionals have the capacity to provide an expert opinion on whether to repair or replace the faulty tap. For instance, an experienced plumber can assess the situation and might recommend the replacement of your tap when there have been too many repairs and when the tap keeps clogging.

Experienced Plumbers

Secondly, plumbing experts, such as A Plumber Sydney, will find out where exactly a leakage is and what is causing it. We use several leak detection tools to identify the root cause of the issue. 

Thirdly, there is a wide variety of taps in the market and all require different operations. Our plumbers in Bondi and other surrounded suburbs plumbers from our company across Sydney are experienced and knowledgeable thus performs tap repairs easily and fast.

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  3. Emergency Plumbing Services
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Qualified team will fix leaking taps

As a general rule, we advise our customers to ensure to shut down the hot and cold water valves as fast as possible so to avoid an aggravated situation.

More so, we provide professional replacements of faucets. Whereas a faucet leakage can be fixed by a repair, it is prudent to replace a corroded and old faucet.

Our staff is qualified in the provision of faucets repairs and replacements. More so, where after careful analysis the plumbers are convinced that there need be a replacement, we can make the installations immediately. This is so as our staff comes ready with all the installation equipment.

Tap repair or tap replacement?

Our pipe repair services also include pipe replacement. We recommend pipes replacement when we are of the opinion that the pipes are irreparably damaged. This is the primary reason why we advise our customers to contact us as soon as they detect a pipe damage. Ignoring signs of a damaged or leaking pipe ultimately lead to larger damage of the pipe and will eventually require pipe replacement. It is important to know that in most cases pipe replacement is more costly than pipe repair.

We do not only help with repair of water pipes but also gas pipes. Gas pipes, just like water pipes, are located underground which makes them susceptible to damage due to moisture and ground movement.

Our staff is experienced in detecting the exact point of damage of the underground pipes.  We have invested in high-end leakage detection equipment which help us to detect and repair underground pipes with ease.

Our plumbers make sure to remove the damaged pipes effectively and dispose of them accordingly. We are a team of licensed plumbers and we can serve most areas in Sydney. Our service area include but is not limited to Liverpool, Rockdale, Earlwood and many suburbs nearby.

Let us fix your dripping tap


Tap washer repair kit or individual parts. Are you looking to repair it yourself? if you are not a professional, there is a chance that you will end up having the same issue or a different one later on. Our plumbers focus on fixing tap repairs and provide the required replacements to ensure your dripping tap is secured, fixed and works well again now and in the future. Visit our new branch: Plumber leaking tap repair in Newcastle.